National Burrito Day

36% of Americans are Eating more Burritos during COVID-19

TOP Data conducted a survey to determine America's increased appetite during the pandemic and the most burrito-loving states.

  • 36% The percentage of people that said they are eating more burritos during COVID-19
  • 43.6% The percentage of people that say Tacobell is their favorite place to get a burrito
  • 53% The percentage of Americans that would choose an awesome burrito over a romantic date

Burrito-loving states

Citizens of New Mexico have the biggest taste for the dish, followed by Colorado in second, and Oregon in third. Those in Delaware are the least enthusiastic about the Mexican dish and came last in our rankings, propping up Alabama and Kentucky.

Ranking of Burrito Lovers by State

Ranking determined by the percentage of people in each state that say they like burritos.

America's Favorite Burrito Chain

Survey Insights


Between April 8th – April 16th, 2021, TOP Data polled 1,791 Americans on their burrito preferences and consumption habits during COVID-19.

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National Burrito Day
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