Husband Appreciation Day

Married Life During The Pandemic

With Husband Appreciation Day coming up, we surveyed married women across America to discover how the pandemic has left them feeling about their husbands.

  • 46% The percentage of married women who have been getting annoyed by their husband’s selective listening.
  • 69% The percentage of married women who have appreciated how hard their husband has been working during the pandemic.
  • 4 yrs The aging of the average relationship during the pandemic.

In most marriages, your spouse is the first person you see in the morning and the last you see at night. In choosing to marry someone, you’re choosing to spend a lot of time with them. When the pandemic came along and many U.S. citizens began to work from home, the time they spent with their spouse increased substantially and the average relationship has aged four years as a result.

With Husband Appreciation Day on the horizon, we surveyed married women to find out which of their husband’s lockdown habits they are appreciating and which ones they are finding annoying.

The Top 10 Things Women Appreciate About Their Husbands

All the extra time married couples are spending together has led to wives appreciating how hard their husbands work, with 69% of respondents noticing and noting their husband’s work ethic during lockdown. 62% of respondents said that they’ve been really appreciating how they can be themself around their husband and 61% have been enjoying their husband’s sense of humor.

The Top 10 Annoying Things Husbands Do

It’s not all birdsong and whisperings of sweet, sweet love. There are things that have been grating on married women, specifically their husband’s selective listening, with 47% of respondents citing it as an annoyance. Snoring and bodily quirks such as nose picking and burping also ranked highly,

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Husband Appreciation Day
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