Fast food chains

America's Love for Fast Food on the Rise

Top Data analyzed customer visits to 27 fast food chains in the country’s 30 most populous metropolitan areas

  • 45% Percentage increase of footfall nation wide to fast food chains
  • 7 Number of cities that love Chic-fil-A
  • 5 Number of cities that love Panda Express

To find out just how rapid the recovery of fast food chains in 2021 was, TOP Data analyzed GPS tracking data of millions of customers to 27 major fast food chains in the US. The results reveal interesting findings which include each city’s favorite fast food chains, the overall winner across the country, as well as how well fast food chains are faring in each city.

As Chic-fil-A ranks #1 across 7 of the 30 most populous metropolitan areas of the US, it’s safe to say America’s love for chicken sandwiches is here to stay. Popeye’s on the other hand hasn’t seen a massive increase in foot traffic. A shift in people’s choice of fast food since the start of the year is evident.


TOP Data analyzed offline GPS data of millions of Americans to 27 fast food chains across 30 of the most populous metropolitan areas in the US. The aggregate data was compared with visits from last year to arrive at the increase in percentage of visits to each fast food chain.

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Fast food chains
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