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Fast Food Restaurant Visits are up 33.06% Nationwide since Beginning of 2021

Using GPS tracking data TOP Data analyzed visits to the 20 largest fast food restaurants in the nation across 4 main categories (Burgers, Mexican Food, Fried Chicken, and Pizza).

  • 54.4% The increase in visits to Burger Chains in 2021.
  • 32.1% The increase in visits to Mexican Food Chains in 2021.
  • 29.5% The increase in visits to Fried Chicken Chains in 2021.
  • 16.2% The increase in visits to Pizza Restaurant Chains in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic posed many challenges to the overall food industry. With a 26% decline in visits in 2020, the fast-food industry was no exception. To combat this, many fast-food restaurants have adopted possible strategies for getting through the coronavirus pandemic, including a renewed emphasis on drive-thru service, new menu items, and tactics to tap into existing customer loyalty to pull in sales.

To determine the effectiveness of these changes in 2021, data scientists at TOP Data analyzed GPS tracking data of millions of fast food restaurant visits across the 20 largest fast-food chains from Jan 2021 to April 2021. Our team found that fast-food restaurants are well on their way to recovery, with visits up 33.06% Nationwide since the beginning of 2021.

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Fast Food Visits
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