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COVID-19's Effect On Businesses

This data was gathered from Clara by Cuebiq, a mobility data source that tracks the movement of Americans through their mobile devices. Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. were not included in this data set.

  • 85% The reduction in traffic that some bars are seeing in comparison to 2019 as they lifestyle industry suffers.
  • 138 The number of times more traffic airports were seeing prior to the pandemic. Out of all modes of transport, airports have seen the biggest drop in number of visitors.
  • 86% The peak increase in traffic that grocery stores saw on March 19. Overall grocery stores and home improvement stores are the only types of retail locations that have been receiving more traffic (on average) post-pandemic in comparison to pre-pandemic.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. During this time, many Americans began to work from home and stay-at-home orders began. The lack of mobility by Americans had drastic effects on the number of visitors businesses received. The data presented below tracks the number of visitors to different types of establishments in comparison to the average amount of visitors in 2019.


Although all categories are experiencing a lower amount of visitors, airports are the hardest hit and bus stops were affected the least. 


Prior to the pandemic, mobile stores have experienced almost 77 times more traffic (on average) .


US malls experienced as low as 57% below the 2019 average amount of traffic. Malls are currently experiencing 31% less traffic than the 2019 average amount of traffic.


Grocery stores and home improvement stores are the only categories receiving more traffic (on average) post-pandemic in comparison to pre-pandemic. All categories are seeing an increase in visitors since late march except for pharmacies.


Pre-pandemic, urgent cares received more visitors than hospitals, but as the pandemic became prevalent, urgent care visits dropped and hospitals became more popular. As of June 3, urgent care visits drastically increased and have now passed hospital visits.


The lifestyle industry has been hit the hardest, with bars experiencing as low as 85% less traffic in comparison to 2019. Sports bars have seen the most growth post-pandemic, but recent closures indicate an upcoming downward trend.


Fast Food restaurants were the least impacted by COVID-19, but all dining establishments are seeing less than average amount of diners.


Although auto parts stores experienced a drop in traffic at the WHO’s pandemic declaration, they experienced an above average amount of visitors starting around mid-April.

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TOP Data Economic Reopening Report
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