TOP Data E-Commerce Behavior Report

COVID-19 Inflicts New Blow To Brick and Mortar Stores

TOP Data surveyed 600 Americans (18+) with school-aged children. Margin Of Error: 4% Confidence Interval: 95%

  • 73% The number of people reporting that they are shopping online more now than they did prior to the spread of COVID-19.
  • 88% The number of people who say that they will continue to shop online more even after a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 is discovered.

Long before COVID-19 was even a blip on the radar, countless obituaries had been written for traditional shopping, mega malls, brick and mortar retailers, and mom and pop shops. According to a new survey of US shoppers, the ongoing global pandemic is on track to all but eliminate retail and commerce as we once knew it. 

Survey Highlights

As a result, we may even see brands opting for digital marketing venues like influencer marketing to boost their e-commerce sales.

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TOP Data E-Commerce Behavior Report
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