Easter in 2021, What Americans Think

With Easter on the horizon, we surveyed Americans to better understand how excited they are, how they’ll be celebrating, and which Easter candies are on the menu.

  • $25.2 The average spend on candy by consumers this Easter
  • 14% The percentage of Americans who chose Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs as their favorite Easter candy, making it the most popular overall.
  • 16% The percentage of Americans who say they hate Marshmallow Peeps, making it the most hated Easter candy in the country.

Easter is on the horizon and families across the U.S. will be looking forward to a candy-filled weekend of egg hunting. We surveyed 1,000 Americans to better understand how Easter 2021 will be celebrated and which candies are most loved and hated.

State Rankings

We analyzed each state’s enthusiasm for Easter and ranked them according to who likes the holiday most. The people of West Virginia are Easter’s biggest fans, with Louisiana and Pennsylvania just behind. At the other end of the rankings, those in Oregon, California, and Nevada are the least enthusiastic about the holiday.

The Top 5 Easter Candies

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs are officially America’s favorite Easter candy, capturing 14% of the vote. Easter M&Ms were a close second, with Jelly Belly Jelly Beans coming in third.

The 5 Most Hated Easter Candies

You can’t like everything and there are some candies that Americans love to hate. Top of the pile is Marshmallow Peeps, with 16% of Americans saying they hate them. Others to feature include coconut nests and Jordan Almonds.

The most popular Easter plan among Americans is to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Other popular celebrations include attending church, eating Easter candy, and attending an Easter egg hunt.


TOP Data surveyed 1,000 people on their Easter plans and habits.

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