Charity Report

American's Charity Up 25% Admist COVID-19

TOP Data analyzed consumer spending data and conducted a survey to gain insights into American's charitable contributions in 2020.

  • $608 The amount donated to charity by the average American in 2020.
  • 74% The percentage of millennials who have given money to charity this year.
  • 25% The percentage increase in charitable contribution Dec 2020 vs Dec 2019
  • 16% The percentage of Americans that will donate all or part of their $600 stimulus check.

Average American’s 2020 Charitable Contributions (Per State)

The Average American Donated $608 to Charity in 2020

With all of the economic uncertainty that has accompanied the pandemic, you’d forgive people for zipping up their pockets and looking out for number one. Well, that’s not happened. In fact, we can report that the pandemic has made us more generous to those in need, with results from our study revealing that Americans have been 25% more charitable this holiday season compared to 2019.

Our study revealed that the average American has donated $608 to charitable organizations this year. Millennials (those aged 25-34) have been the most generous donor, with 74% of them choosing to give to a good cause. Boomers (those aged 55-72) made the least donations, with 54% of them digging into their pockets.


TOP Data’s findings are based on two data sources.

1) An analysis of consumer spending data.
2) A survey of 1,000 Americans conducted on December 30th.

Consumer Spending Data Details

TOP Data analyzed weekly spending data of 900,000 Americans released by consumer finance apps. This spend was mapped to over 150 preselected Charitable Organizations. Sample organizations include (American Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, Children International, Goodwill, and Network for Good). This information collected was cross-checked with each organization, and any correction provided was incorporated into the report.

Viewing this information in concert, we determined the weekly charitable donations over the last 15 months by state.


A report by LT Trust also suggests that the pandemic has triggered a sudden increase in 401(k) balances across the country by 30%.

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