Top Football Journalists

The work of sports journalists sometimes becomes more famous than the actual sport itself. You could also say the same for critics’ coverage of a particular athlete’s lifelong achievements, eventually overshadowing his star-studded reputation in the long run. That’s where our list of top football journalists comes in.

Top Lifestyle Journalists

In a world where oftentimes major current events and political issues are constantly at the forefront, we want to refocus our efforts on the essential role of lifestyle journalism — and to show our appreciation for how it makes our lives easier — TOP Lifestyle is recognizing notable reporters with our Top Lifestyle Journalists Awards.

Top Medical Journalists

Our list reflects those that we believe embody the vastness of the health and medical fields. We chose writers that strive to discover, uncover, and educate in their reporting. We poured over a vast amount of publications to find reporters that demonstrate extreme dedication to their industry. We chose journalists with a wide reach and who are known for breaking news and innovative storytelling. Below are our picks for the Top Medical Journalists Awards, praising reporters for their superior work across all media platforms.

Top Music Journalists

Music is food for the soul. Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of the hardcore music critics out there, and they’ll tell you that there’s a lot more to those notes coming out of famous artists’ creative inks.

Top Nonprofit Journalists

Humans are capable of both greatness and fault in equal measure, and with these awards, TOP wants to shine a light on the type of news, and its storytellers, that uplift humanity, embody the spirit of life on Earth right now, and even that expose the low points of life, in an effort to create a brighter future. The following 10 Top Nonprofit Journalists have all done their part to elevate the discourse in our communities by highlighting the works of others doing the same.

Top Political Journalists

We curated a list of top political journalists who have been known for uncovering the biggest and most state-centric political dramas over the last few years.

Top Real Estate Journalists

These real estate journalists are not only known for their work, but they’ve covered various verticals of the commercial and residential areas of the business.

Top Tech Journalists

We are proud to present the following Top 10 Tech Journalists, who were selected based on their leadership and vital contributions to their publications, their readers, and the broader business and high-technology communities. Nominations are based not only on the prestige of the publication, but on the contributions the individual has made to ensuring ethics, leadership, and transparency in journalism.

Top Travel Journalists

Covering topics such as travel news, the tourism industry, family travel, couples retreats, single traveling, and specific regions and areas, we decided to concentrate on journalists who time and time again produce fantastic editorial content across the board. We looked at journalists in all facets of media for these awards, including broadcast, digital and print mediums. Through in-depth analysis of columns, stories, and reach we were able to produce the ultimate Top Travel Journalist Awards.

Top Video Game Journalists

A news reporter’s work in the gaming industry is well spoken for, if it highlights developers’ accolades while bringing in a good chunk of publicity at the same time.