Public Affairs

Build relationships with key policy makers and stakeholders

We work with closely with policy makers to influence the current public discourse and next iteration of laws and legislation.

We understand the landscape

With an ever changing political landscape, budget cuts across the board and huge uncertainty, we know who to approach, where to focus your efforts and the approach to take.

We are concise

We get straight to the point, getting your results where you need them.

We are thoughtful

We don't react or act without a clear and thought out strategy in place, to mitigate any negative impact.

We open pathways

We can show you how to open pathways of constant communication with the right bodies and people.

Our Capabilities

Public Affairs Training

We can arrange bespoke training programs which introduce your team to the principles behind successful Public Affairs.

Policy Analysis

We can analyze policies, new or old, and distill that information as to how these will effect your company or brand.

Government Relations

Let us take on the role of communicating to government bodies in both the legislative and regulatory world.

Coalition Development

Let us introduce you to other companies who have the same goals and create a coordinated plan to achieve them.

Grassroots Mobilization

We can help you create a movement within a region or your local area to make a change.


We can help you communicate the great things that are happening within your business to government bodies.

Our Public Affairs agencies

Our Public Affairs Agencies will open conversations between your business and government bodies

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