We spread ideas at scale.

We’ll never say ‘give us more news to pitch.’  We’ve reinvented the modern PR agency with a data-first, growth-focused, and viral-optimized approach rooted in A/B testing and 27 proven story blueprints for creating breaking news.

What if a PR agency wasn’t just a PR agency?

We leverage our unique capabilities in data story packaging, competitor rapid response, and journalist intent tracking to reinvent how PR is done in these key sectors.

Our formula

Our Test > Optimize > Perform methodology and proprietary technology stack helps us create “always-on” media coverage that doesn’t wait for your next product release.

A/B test each story ideas to find the winning message 

We write 8 versions of a pitch headline and A/B test which performs the best.

Fine-tune the pitch time to reach each journalist at the right time.

We track the best day of the week and time of day to pitch one million journalists in 30+ countries.

Connect real-time PR measurement to core business objectives

We've built systems to measure message quality and better demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders.

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