Vancouver + Pay Per Click

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From West End to South Granville, Pay Per Click strategies that lead to growth 

Vancouver is teeming with companies from startups to juggernauts that are looking to optimize online ad strategy, but may lack the time, expertise or personnel to execute it. Your neighbors at TOP are a team of certified PPC experts who are primed and ready to help your company create, implement, and optimize digital campaigns that generate results and revenue. Whether you simply need to know how to initiate a PPC strategy, or you’re ready to scale for international operations and need a PPC plan to keep up, we will tailor your brand message and value prop to the right audience segments, increasing conversions.




Some of our PPC-related capabilities are:

  • E-Commerce Management
  • Conversion Mapping
  • Audience Targeting
  • Display & Social Advertising
  • Paid Search

We manage all aspects of your PPC strategy using data-driven recommendations, in-depth knowledge of myriad digital media platforms, and experience gained from past proven successes to help you drive revenue, one click at a time. Masters of keywords and more, we ensure that you are getting the biggest ROI on your PPC program. From research and analysis, we glean the keywords your target audience is likely to use, and our certified PPC development team has the background and the tools to leverage resources to optimize your digital approach. The result? Your Vancouver business stays ahead of the curve, with rapidly growing incremental revenue.

Expand your Vancouver brand’s reach and influence by partnering with TOP

We love our Vancouver PPC clients

In a center of innovation like our hometown Vancouver companies have to fight to stand out. Fortunately, with TOP on your side, your ROI will be maximized as we use our experience and passion to meet your goals and scale your business. We work with your company to develop digital strategies that generate demand, increase brand awareness, and accelerate customers through your sales funnel. We bring to the table a set of tested and proven proprietary “blueprints” for action and a data-driven approach. We’re singularly focused on increased conversion and revenue for you, our partner. We know the best practices for PPC, and we report our work and our findings in a way that’s transparent and teachable. With TOP, PPC will become an integral part of your financial success.

Why hire a Vancouver PPC agency?

We love to help our partners get the benefits of an increased and optimized web presence, saving your personnel the time that it would take to stay on top of trends, monitor keywords, and make strategic changes in real time. Another key advantage of working with TOP is that you’ll get the kind of expertise and insights that drive incremental revenue. We handle the nuts and bolts so you can concentrate on building your brand’s success.

PPC marketing for Vancouver companies

Vancouverites are known for being shrewd, knowledgeable, and discerning. To make them into brand advocates, your company has to be truly savvy. With TOP’s PPC services at your command, you’ll be sharper than the rest. Our targeted campaigns make you appear more often and in better positions in online searches, attracting customers that may not have otherwise become candidates for conversions and sales.

A Pay Per Click agency that lives in Vancouver

When you work with an agency whose principals jog the same Seawall that you do, go to the same Canucks games and salmon grill outs as you, your strategic partner has intimate knowledge of your industry and clientele and provides insights that help you find and engage new customers. From two-man startups to established brands, TOP provides industry-specific expertise to put you on the leading edge.

Let’s talk about your project

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