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An innovative approach to PPC that focuses on engaging your audience with a singular focus – growth

TOP is a best-in-class agency that works with some the world’s most recognized brands. Our team of certified Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experts work with customers to create, execute, and optimize digital campaigns that generate results and revenue. Whether you are having trouble setting up your PPC strategy or wanting to augment your current efforts, our team will tailor your brand experience to reach the right audiences and increase conversion.

  • Conversion Mapping
  • Audience Targeting
  • Display & Social Advertising
  • Paid Search
  • E-Commerce Management

Whether you want to increase local digital ad performance or scale your sales on an international level, TOP manages all aspects of your PPC strategy. With data-driven recommendations, an in-depth knowledge of latest digital media platforms, and proven successes, we help you increase revenue, one click at a time.

Effectively using Pay-Per-Click requires time, dedication, and consistency to achieve maximum results. Many companies try to incorporate a paid element into their advertising strategy, but often lack the skills, resources, or personnel to take full advantage of their investment, which can lead to wasted budgets or underachieving campaigns. That’s why it is important to leverage the services of a trusted partner like TOP to drive PPC initiatives and continually optimize your digital approach.

We are committed to expanding your brand’s reach and influence.

We use data and our vast industry knowledge to reach your audience, convey your unique value proposition, and accelerate their journey to your brand through measurable conversion.

In the digital age of business, your customers have more options than ever for solving their problems and fulfilling their needs. You need to make your brand stand out, but don’t have the know-how to properly target your audience online. TOP is here to help. Our team works with companies to develop digital strategies that generate demand, increase brand awareness, and accelerate customers through your sales funnel. We are committed to one thing: getting results for you, and we use our experience and passion to meet your goals and scale your business.

TOP brings world-class solutions and a data-driven approach to companies to optimize their PPC management. We consistently analyze trends and keywords to refine and enhance your marketing efforts to achieve growth and market dominance. Our team of experts knows the best practices that will bring you conversions, and we report on our work with full transparency into how we help you reach your audience.

Why Hire a PPC agency?

Many in-house marketing teams lack the tools, the know-how, and the time to create, publish, and optimize digital advertising strategies. Companies want the benefits of an increased online presence, but struggle to balance their time to effectively keep up with trends, monitor keywords, and make strategic changes based on internal or external factors. Employing a PPC agency allows you to focus on top marketing priorities and gives peace of mind that your digital presence is optimized and given the attention it deserves.

Another key advantage of hiring a PPC agency is the expertise and insights you can gain that will drive incremental revenue. An agency can provide strategic direction that saves time and cycles on creating content, targeting your audience, and effectively managing your budget, and can make recommendations that will provide you with the ROI needed to grow and expand your digital reach.

How can PPC help my business?

Running targeted PPC campaigns will help your business instantly appear in online searches and attract customers you would not have reached through traditional marketing methods alone. It also enables you to use data and behavioral analytics to expand your reach to markets you have not previously penetrated, thus giving you a new segment of customers to engage with.

Industry-specific expertise and insights 

When you work with PPC agency, you gain access to a strategic partner that understands your industry and provides insights that help you find and engage new customers you could not do alone. Whether this is in your own market, or scaling your operations to a more global reach, an agency provides industry-specific expertise that helps you tailor your message to reach the right decision makers with the right message.

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