TOP Health Pharmaceuticals & biotech

Challenged by increasing economic, social, and technological pressure, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies are innovating at an amazing pace to stay ahead of the game.

This has resulted in the discovery of new generation drugs, innovation in personalized therapy, and rapid adoption of digital in their marketing and communication over the last few years. Smarter and faster HCP and patients acquisition is the brand’s imperative in a competitive market.



Pharmaceutical, biotech companies are often challenged by:

  • Crafting a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing and communication strategy and plan for an Rx product
  • Figuring out the right tactics for non-personal HCP marketing
  • Marrying marketing communication messages with the existing regulations
  • Limitation in creativity due to regulations
  • Brand’s concerns about entering into uncharted territories i.e. social media
  • Lengthy process in getting approval for launching marketing programs


Empowered by deep domain understanding and being cognizant of Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies’ regulatory and legal obligations in product promotion, TOP Healthcare team has been helping brands during the entire lifecycle of their product innovation and launch. Our solution is based on designing a long term, holistic marketing program embracing digital, PR & KOL and traditional for each target audience, i.e. HCP, DTC, and payers.


Backed by data science and insights on physicians’ and patients’ journey, we continuously refine strategies and roadmaps based on core philosophy.

Test: We craft multiple marketing tactics, particularly in digital, to test which resonates best with HCP and DTC.

Optimize: We narrow down on what has worked best, and carry our learning for the next rounds of marketing execution.

Perform: We deliver results.