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Nashville Branding Agency

Most brand strategy is skin deep — but at Top Agency we understand your company is more than a pretty logo, and your story is more important than the font its told in. Unlike other Nashville design agencies, we started as a data-driven PR agency, and we've seen how an effective brand formation can pay huge dividends in attaining more exposure for a company. As a full-service Nashville marketing agency, we've worked with hundreds of clients — from small B2C startups to multinational B2Bs — and know how to use the right voice to tell the right story to the right audience.  

Our Nashville branding philosophy

TOP Agency employs an "outside-in" branding process.
  1. We meet your company First, step is to meet with your top team to distill your priorities. From there we ensure every action TOP Agency takes is in service of your company's unique goals.
  2. We meet your customers Next, we create a reality check matrix and deploy near-instant feedback customer surveys to understand what motivates different buyer sections to purchase.
  3. We build your story Finally, we craft a strategy to bring your brand to life — building images, videos, and articles off a single cohesive brand story. Unlike other agencies, we understand the message has to suit the medium. That's why we optimize every brand asset for the channel it will appear on.

Brand story & design visuals

The brand story is the skeleton: the structure everything is built on. Brand strategy is the muscle: what gets things moving. And brand graphics are skin: what keeps everything together. TOP Agency has a system when approaching visual branding that works for startups and multinationals alike:
  1. We brainstorm images that communicate your brand identity at a glance.
  2. We base colors, fonts, and iconography on your brand's unique values.
  3. We craft a central design concept that captures your identity and create our logo off it.
Once we build out the visuals, we work on voice — the personality we want to your messaging to convey.  

Nashville location

Nashville is jam-packed with distinctive brands — and nowhere more so than "The District". TOP Agency sits next to multinational businesses, driven entrepreneurs, talented artists, and dedicated restauranteurs. We help companies of all sizes tell the right story with the right voice to the right people.  

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