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An entire narrative in a single word

Your brand name must be more than the introduction to your brand, it must tell your whole story

Your brand story is the culmination of a journey of discovery that includes competencies, values, mission, and promise. The name you choose must embody all of those things while remaining flexible enough to change with the times and with your business. At TOP, we have a four step creation process and structure our thinking by brainstorming names in four distinctive categories: descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, and coined. The result are names that serve as the perfect articulation of a brand’s core mission, values, promise and competencies.

Your brand name must work across multiple channels in varied formats for a diverse audience. We examine how users and stakeholders will engage with and share your brand, remaining consistent across all of the myriad ways the brand name will be shared. We develop dozens of naming options and work with you, your stakeholders, and focus groups of prospective customers to determine the best recommendation.

Some of our services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Related and Competitive Brand Review
  • Brand Story Development
  • Domain Purchasing and Registration
  • Trademark research

When building a brand name, it is critical to consider more than just the kind of business you’re describing but the key audiences and gatekeepers to these audiences. A brand name needs to express the core competencies, values, mission, and promise of a brand in the language that your customers will understand and trust. We test and learn naming options across all customer personas to get at the name that meets these criteria the best.

Mood Boards to Final Name

How and Why We Take Naming Seriously

The name of your company has to tell a whole story with one word. We see most brand names falling into one of four categories: descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, or coined. Each of these categories has its distinct definition. Descriptive names viscerally and directly describe your core product or service. It’s the “does what it says on the tin” category. Suggestive and arbitrary names are a little more nebulous. Suggestive names don’t directly describe what your brand does, but it implies it. Arbitrary names don’t even imply, they simply capture the mood or feel of your product or service. Finally, a coined name are combinations of core value proposition words.

We determine the right naming convention by moving sequentially through several stages. We start with creating “mood boards” based on the brand’s strategic positioning. Then we consider phrasing and wording that complement the visuals and incorporate the brand’s value propositions. Finally, we brainstorm potential candidates in each of the four categories to ultimately create a short list that fits all of the criteria.

Why Hire a Naming Agency Partner?

Choosing a brand name is one of the most important early decisions your company will make. Your name has to be able to impart a great deal of information about the company while remaining flexible enough to change with the times and grow with the company. A good naming agency will bring a great deal of research, industry knowledge, and creative expertise to the process, freeing you up to focus on bringing your product or service to market.

How can a Naming agency help your business?

Your name is the first thing a potential customer will learn about your company. It’s the first impression and it will never go away. A naming agency can help you create a brand identity that is meaningful to your customers, is appealing, can grow with time, and accurately represents what your company does. Getting the name right the first time is critical for early growth and getting it wrong can be extremely costly, even detrimental to the business itself.

What are the qualities of a top Naming agency?

Anyone who has ever brainstormed names on a white board can attest that naming a company requires a complex mixture of industry knowledge, market research, prescience, and creativity. A good naming agency will be able to understand more than current trends but will look to the future for those that are coming down the pike. They will be have insights into your market and your company that even you may not have known and they will have the creative chops to elegantly weave each of these components into a word that perfectly fits your business.

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