TOP Health Medical devices

Medical device products need to go to market at a faster pace, compared to pharmaceutical products, to establish the brand and to ride on the growing demand by hospital groups, HCP, and patients.

Marketing a new medical device is becoming increasingly complex because of diverse groups of decision makers and influencers. Crafting the right messages and reaching each target audience with the right digital and PR tactics are the key to success.



CMOs of the Medical device companies have their own challenges

  • Pressure for faster go to market and brand imperatives, compared to pharmaceutical products
  • Planning a comprehensive marketing program in reaching diverse audiences, hospital groups, surgeons & HCP, patients, and technologists
  • Adhering to regulations
  • Lack of visibility in emerging opportunities like social media and KOL influencers


We treat the complex environment of medical device companies by segmenting each target audience groups with accuracy and crafting the creative and messaging for each group quite differently within the framework of core brand communication. We prioritize digital channels that work best for each audience and work with the niche influencers who can bring in real impacts on the niche audiences.


Backed by our relationship with healthcare DMPs and access to niche data and insights on the target persona, our solution embraces the core:

Test: We set-up multiple testing environments for creative, messaging and web properties, targeting each niche
Optimize: We continuously optimize each element of a campaign
Perform: We deliver results