Making Max Impact on the Max Trainer: How TOP Surpassed Industry Standard Engagement for Bowflex

The Business Challenge:

In the crowded market of fitness goods, products, and tech adaptations, there’s steep competition for share of voice. While most brands go after the already-fit, already-toned, ready-to-work audience, there’s an often overlooked subset of the population that wants to find the perfect solution that will motivate them to kickstart their fitness journey. How can a brand stand out amongst a sea of other products and capture an audience whose targeting isn’t clearly defined?

Case Study:

Hoping a fresh perspective would reimagine the Bowflex Max Trainer and their new AI-friendly Max Intelligence platform, TOP and Bowflex worked together to create compelling graphics and stunning video content to test performance, engagement, and reaction against their existing audience and their existing ads on the market.

Instead of going up against the hot-button fit-tech products on the market and the audiences they cater to, we targeted our creative efforts to those who want to squeeze in just a few minutes to better themselves every day. They’re not up when the sun rises putting in two hours at the gym; they may be up when the sun rises to get the kids off to school or to make a long commute to work. Between the asks of every day life, they can get in an efficient, tailored-to-them workout in as little as a few minutes.

By offering Bowflex’s existing audience an updated take on the products they were already considering, they heavily interacted with the new creative and surpassed the industry standard engagement rate of 8% by nearly double on some campaigns, helping increased visibility and consideration across the space.

Here’s how we did it — and how other companies can do it too:

  1. Find the overlooked audience

    While you could certainly try to get in front of the same audience as your competitors and own the space, find the niche corners of your product, good, or service and find ways to target specific creative to that new audience. You’ll see engagement and consideration skyrocket when you speak to a group that isn’t being spoken to yet.

  2. Try a new medium

    Have you tried stunning graphics but no video content? Maybe single-image ads have performed well, but have you tried a carousel? By switching up the types of content and ads you run, you allow your audience to be refreshed and reenergized with every new piece of creative they interact with.

  3. Create, create, create

    When in doubt, create it out! By making as many pieces of tangible content as possible, you’ll have more options to throw at the proverbial wall to see what sticks. More often than not, the piece of content you felt the least confident about will end up performing better than you thought!

Finding an underserved audience and workshopping content to ensure it connects with them is a great way to ensure your message resonates no matter where the consumer is in the marketing funnel.

And that’s how we do it.