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An entire narrative in a single word

Your brand name must be more than the introduction to your brand, it must tell your whole story

Attracting new clients is the single most important aspect of a strategic growth strategy. Without a robust top-of-funnel operation that covers the gamut of tactics, strategies, and services, you could be missing out on the customers you need to reach the next level. TOP is a B2B lead generation agency with years of experience helping clients attract, convert, and close with a menu of unique inbound marketing options that will work for any brand. TOP helps your brand deliver value to your leads and guide them on an ever more lucrative journey until they’re primed to close the deal.

Some of our services include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Attribution Research
  • SEO
  • Web Optimization
  • Retargeting

As lead generation experts and content marketers ourselves, we know exactly how to use value-add propositions to entice clients into learning more about your brand. Our world class writers, designers, social media experts, and advertising gurus can create marketing content that is guaranteed to attract your core audiences. We use sophisticated data analysis and good old fashioned industry experience to the right messages and distribute them in the right medium on the right platforms.

From there, we can help you tailor the rest of the sales funnel to continue providing value in the form of bespoke forms, landing pages, white papers, retargeting ads, and ebooks. We target your customers on various platforms and through robust search engine marketing to make sure that the right eyes are seeing your messages, improving your chances of converting and maximizing your ROI.

Marketing Designed to Attract Clients

The Right Messages on the Right Channels At the Right Time

Lead Generation is the art of providing the right value to customers on a channels where they are most likely to engage and enticing them with more and more valuable content until they are convinced that they are ready to buy. It requires a strategy that includes identifying not just the messages that will resonate but the proper platforms for each of those messages. We identify the right channels to operate and then target content and advertising toward the right audiences on those channels in order to increase the chances of attracting the right customers.

Once your target audience is engaged we help them through the sales funnel through more and more tailored and useful content such as white papers, ebooks, product demos, and blog content that will cement your brand as a leader. From their, we aid in the driving your leads to subsequent steps in the sales funnel.

Why Hire a Lead Generation Partner?

Lead generation is a critical component of a growth strategy and with the sheer number of strategies, tactics, mediums, and channels for you brand to engage customers on, it can be daunting knowing which of them is the right most lucrative for your brand. A lead generation agency has the expertise and experience to create a bespoke strategy for that will work best for your brand’s needs and to reach the customers you need to reach.

How can a Lead Generation Agency help your business?

Aside from creating a comprehensive strategy to increase engagement with your desired audience, a lead generations agency can create the top-flight content and targeting research that is required to engage your customers and provide true value even before the deals are closed. Whether you’re in the need of a strategic email campaign, digital ad or retargeting, blog content, social media, landing page content, or more technical content, a lead gen. agency will have the skills, creativity, and expertise to create content that your prospective customers desire.

What are the qualities of a top Lead Generation agency?

Simply put, a good lead generation agency will be part data maven, part business guru, and part creative genius. They must have the skills and expertise to identify your target audience and to create a strategy for reaching them that fulfills their needs and plays to your brand’s strengths. Then they must have a strong grasp on what makes your industry move and what the value your brand brings. Finally, they need to be able to create world-class content that shows your brand can deliver on all of the promises to your customers before they’ve even signed.

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