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Kansas City Video Production

Nothing goes viral like video, and nobody does viral video like TOP Agency. We work at lightning speed to produce video off the back of trending stories and breaking news. Our office specializes in storytelling that both hooks viewers and compels action, always keeping your company's goals and ROI top of mind. More and more brands are recognizing video production as the first port of call, instead of an afterthought—drop us a line, and learn how we can go beyond words together.  

Our video production philosophy

Other video companies waste your money on elaborate productions that generate zero views. Our Kansas City video production team is more strategic. We thoroughly research the video landscape your brand plays in, and determine which formulas are already spurring shares. Then we reverse engineer their success and add in our PR Hacker secret sauce—resulting in an industry-leading ROI. We also understand the medium has to match the message. A video that goes viral on Facebook would flop on YouTube—and Snapchat is another beast entirely. And if marketers ignore video SEO, they guarantee their hard work won't get seen after the initial social push is over. Finally, we understand how to grab viewers' attention. If your audience isn't hooked in the first 3 seconds, they'll click out—flushing your video budget down the drain. We draw our viewership in with innovative hacks—from irresistible thumbnails to talking cats.  

Our film production process

Before hitting record, we sit down with your top team to establish who you are and what you want to achieve. We drill down into your brand's pride-points, and distill them into a simple, compelling story. Then we draft that story as a script and put it on crisp HD camera roll. Our script-writing process bakes in proven emotional triggers, which activate key responses in our audience: from optimism to laughter, empathy, and heartbreak. Whatever reaction we achieve, we always translate it into concrete actions which advance your company's goals. Whether your trying to spread awareness, boost donations, or increase sales, we'll integrate the right call to action.  

Kansas City location

Kansas City is one of the most visually stunning cities in America. The "Paris of the Plains" keeps our cinematographers inspired on a daily basis, and provides an ideal backdrop to your next viral promo. Our offices are located in the heart of Downtown, right on photogenic Walnut Street. So if you're looking for a national production agency with local reach, look no further than TOP Agency Kansas City.  

Contact Our Kansas City PR agency

Our Kansas City office is ready to get to work on your exciting brand, project, or campaign. Drop us a line, and we'll be in touch in a flash.

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