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San Diego is one of the most desirable cities in the country. Temperate climate, beautiful landscape, and an air of innovation and excitement put at at the forefront of best places to live in the U.S. With so many different types of people and ideas buzzing about, ideas spread quickly. Through word-of-mouth, social, and digital buzz, we can amplify your brand, product, or service by leveraging the power of authentic, engaging influencers.

The team of TOP influencer managers, creative gurus, and market researchers work together to create a successful marketing campaign here in San Diego, inland to El Cajon or La Mesa, and beyond. Whether you need punchy local influencer services for a one-off project or a major influencer plan at national or global scale, our influencer team does the heavy lifting in discovering, vetting, collaborating, and tracking influencers of all kinds. We have the hustle of a San Diego startup with the resources of a massive global agency that has hosted influencer campaigns around the world.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

TOP believes your influencer program, much like your social media program, should leverage both organic and paid strategies. The relationships we foster with our influencers are based around trust and mutual benefit, and we track that using a proprietary CRM. Through monthly check-ins, public posts, and ‘surprise and delight’ benefits, we ensure we’re cultivating relationships with influencers from Chula Vista up through Rancho Santa Fe.

Across Ocean Beach, La Jolla, and into the Mission Valley, our wide-ranging influencer network is strong within San Diego but extends across the globe. We have the capacity to find the perfect match for your brand and the objectives of your campaign so we can deliver optimal ROI and opportunities for optimization on other channels.

We have a proprietary influencer network

With over 3,500 influencers in our direct network to choose from across every imaginable influencer vertical, from parenting to personal finance, beauty to business, and we can vet influencers outside of our per view to source for your campaign.

We save you money

It's expensive enough to live, work, and play in California. Why not save a few bucks while you're at it? We find influencers who are undervalued relative to their engagement rate and reach, then group them together to field an amazing influencer team without paying the expensive price tag.

We foster lasting relationships

Influencer marketing works best when it forms a relationship, not a transaction. Across San Diego, Orange, Riverside, and Imperial counties, we find influencers that want to become brand advocates for the client we work with.

We create holistic reporting

By tracking and evaluating influencers initially on metrics like audience reach, engagement rate, topic authority and visual appeal. This way, we can determine the results of campaigns and measure ROI more clearly after the fact.

Our influencer engine runs in San Diego

We love Southern California influencer marketing

At the forefront of ethnic, cultural, and geographic diversity sits San Diego, making it the perfect platform for our influencer marketing efforts. Whether you start with a delicious meal in Little Italy that you walk off in Balboa Park, or start up near Carlsbad and take a route down the coast, we enjoy creating campaigns that are meaningful both here in San Diego and across the country.

To determine the best mix of influencers for you and measurements of success, TOP can take you through a series of discovery activities performed in-house at our San Diego offices or remotely in locations around the globe. We want you to understand the fundamentals of your campaign as thoroughly as we do.

Is there something above we didn’t address? Let us know — we have answers to any questions you may have.

Why You Should Hire a San Diego Influencer Marketing Agency

A San Diego influencer marketing agency has the capacity to create buzz, build social engagement, and support grassroots campaigns across verticals like electronics, beauty, lifestyle, and family, among others. Not only do we determine how to launch your campaign, we assist with brand messaging work to establish your unique selling propositions and map those back to aspects of our influencer strategy. We understand the entire marketing-to-sales funnel and how influencer strategies fit into it.

Use Influencer Marketing Blueprints to Scale Creativity

In order to effectively and efficiently scale the creative process, TOP has developed a system of influencer blueprints that represent a proven, systematic methodology for engaging influencers and creating a framework through which they can create content. From motivating influencers to use your products and services in the real world through a “challenge” blueprint to giving your brand a personal voice through our “local view” blueprint, our team knows the exact formula for execution, allowing them to focus on more strategic and creative efforts.

A San Diego Influencer Marketing Agency That Leverages the Power of Data

Data is a factor in everything TOP creates, even influencer and creative efforts. We use it to first create a  system through which our influencers are evaluated on key metrics, then we leverage in-house data surveys and market research capabilities to provide fun tidbits of information that our influencers can use in posts. We combine these efforts to track the results of each campaign beyond just what you see in your social metrics dashboard. We can also measure brand awareness lift, domain authority, website traffic, even store purchases.

We’re ready to launch some San Diego campaigns to scale. Let’s get on the phone or meet in person.

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