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Kansas City has long since been one of the nation’s burgeoning music, food, and culture scenes, but it has, as of late, become one of the forerunners of technological changes sweeping the country. In a city like KC, ideas spread at rapid speeds, and we can match that acceleration of word-of-mouth buzz, social shares, and amplification of your product on other channels by leveraging the power of influencers who “show, don’t tell” your idea in an interesting, authentic way.

Our team of TOP influencer marketing managers, market researchers, and creative geniuses work hard to ensure the success of the next big influencer marketing campaign, be it in Kansas City, Overland Park, or Olathe. From one-off projects to complete influencer plans at scale, our influencer team vets, collaborates, and tracks influencers across the country and globe. Even more so, our team has the tenacity of an early-stage startup with the experience of a global agency, as we’ve worked with thousands of influencers on campaigns in over 30 countries.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Much like a good social media program, TOP believes you should have both organic and paid strategies as part of your larger influencer efforts. Both of these strategies are made possible when you build ongoing trust and mutual benefit from partnering with influencers. Across Kansas City and neighboring areas of Independence, Lee’s Summit, even Topeka, we track our influencers using a proprietary CRM that allows us to cultivate those relationships using hand-on communication, monthly check-ins, and moments of surprise and delight.

Across greater KC, we have an influencer network that extends across the state and beyond, across the globe. This allows us to find the perfect match for your brand and deliver ROI by segmenting those influencers into specific focus groups, messaging groups, and areas for optimization.

We created our own influencer network

In our proprietary customer-relationship management network, we have over 3,500 influencers who span verticals of all kinds. From parenting to finance, electronics to lifestyle, business to food, we can find you the perfect influencer within or outside of our network for your next campaign.

We are financially savvy

Any good KCMO native knows you don't have to spend a ton of money to get bang for your buck (it's one of the most affordable yet exciting cities in the country, after all). When we find influencers who are undervalued comparatively by reach and audience engagement, we group a slew of them together to field a team of amazing influencers, without paying the price.

We foster mutually beneficial relationships

Influencer marketing is its most successful when you don't drive transactions — you drive relationships. Across Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence, Topeka, Lee's Summit, and Olathe, among others, we source influencers that want to create lasting relationships and turn them into brand advocates.

We use quantitative scoring

By tracking and evaluating influencers on key metrics like visual appeal, audience size, engagement rate, and reach, we can measure the results of campaigns precisely across KC, the U.S., and the globe to accurately determine ROI.

Our influencer engine is growing in Kansas City

We love KCMO influencer marketing

Kansas City has come a long way in recent memory. A steadfast epicenter of cultural and ethnic diversity, KC is the perfect canvas for influencer marketing. From the Power and Light District through Pendleton Heights, through Winnetonka and Midtown, we love creating campaigns that have their finger on the local, national, and global pulse of conversation.

Through a series of discovery activities that you will perform with TOP in person or remotely across the world, we’ll help you better understand which influencers are right for the job and how to create campaign programs that generate massive ROI.

We’re ready to tackle your toughest influencer marketing questions. Is there anything you’re curious about we didn’t touch on above?

Why Hire a KC Influencer Marketing Agency?

Who knows Kansas City influencers better than the people that live here? As a KC-based influencer marketing agency that also specializes in brand positioning, we can help you build buzz and create meaningful brand messaging moments to build buzz, social engagement, and grassroots momentum. For fields like electronics, travel, lifestyle, food, and beauty, we create a matrix of your product or brand’s unique value propositions then map them to highlight particular aspects of our influencer strategy. Not only do we specialize in influencer marketing, we understand the entire marketing-to-sales funnel.

How Do You Use Influencer Marketing Blueprints to Scale Creativity?

TOP has created a series of blueprints that represent a proven, systematic methodology for engaging influencers and captivating their audiences while scaling efficient, effective creative processes internally. Each blueprint represents a creative approach that allows us to achieve desired results and gives a framework for our influencers to create meaningful content around. From our “challenge blueprint” to motivate influencers to use products or services in the real world, to creating an interactive quest that reinforces core brand messages with our “scavenger” blueprint, the fundamentals of each blueprint are codified and understand holistically by our team, ready for execution. Thanks to this system, the team is focused on creative and strategic brand messaging within the framework of our blueprint method.

A Kansas City Creative Influencer Marketing Agency That Believes in Leveraging Data

No matter how creative the ask may be, we use data in a number of ways, influencer strategies included. Our proprietary system is used to evaluate influencers based on metrics like audience size, fit, engagement, and potential. We then create content using in-house surveys and market research that influencers can use to provide interesting tidbits of data in their posts. Finally, we track the results of our campaigns beyond the common metrics like reach, impressions, and engagement. We attempt to understand the impact of brand awareness, website traffic, even in-store purchases and visits.

Let’s talk. We’re ready to launch the next great Kansas City influencer marketing campaign, and we’re delighted to work with you to do so.

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