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From Deep Ellum to the West End, we scale influencer marketing for Dallas brands

At the crossroads of culture, innovation, and technological growth lies Dallas. Thanks to massive growth, ideas here spread faster than ever, and we can capitalize on that by accelerating word-of-mouth sharing, social buzz, and online chatter about your product, brand, or service by leveraging influencers. They’ll show, not tell, your big idea in an authentic, inviting way.

At TOP, our influencer marketing managers, creative directors, and market researchers ensure the success of your next influencer marketing campaign, whether it’s here in Dallas, next door in Ft. Worth, or beyond. From local influencer services for a one-off project, a massive campaign to global scale, or a test run for new products, our team vets, collaborates, and tracks influencers to scale. We’ve got the heart and soul that comes from living in Dallas, the tenacity of an early-stage startup, and the global reach of a company ten times our size that has conducted influencer campaigns in over thirty countries.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Here at TOP, we believe in fostering both organic and paid strategies across social media as well as your influencer program. We create relationships with influencers that result in trust and mutual benefit. Our Dallas influencers, from Plano to Ft. Worth to Arlington to Irving, are tracked with a proprietary CRM that makes cultivating relationships with them easy through monthly check-ins, post comments, and benefits that surprise and delight.

Our influencer network spans across greater Dallas/Ft. Worth, up to Frisco and Denton and down through Waco, but we also work with influencers whose reach spans the globe. This vast range allows us to find the perfect match for your brand and deliver high return on investment when we segment those influencers by state, target message, content, optimized links, and SEO traffic.

We built an influencer network from scratch

We have more than 3,500 influencers in our own proprietary network who span every imaginable influencer vertical — from motherhood and lifestyle to consumer electronics and business and personal finance.  We can also vet hundreds of more influencers for your next campaign.

We get more for less

'Moneyball' doesn't just refer to the Mavericks fan community — it's what we play when we find influencers who are undervalued compared to their reach and audience engagement. When we combine a force of these influencers together, we can create an influencer team that will get you desired results without the undesirable price tag.

We cultivate relationships

Influencer marketing is most successful when it's a relationship rather than a transaction. Across Dallas, Plano, Ft. Worth, Arlington, Irving, and Garland, we develop relationships and convert our influencers into authentic brand advocates.

We score quantitatively and qualitatively

By measuring audience size, engagement, and reach as well as visual appeal and topic authority, we can gather holistic results that more precisely help us determine our ROI on campaigns here in Dallas, across the nation, or around the globe.

Our influencer expertise was made in Dallas

We love Dallas influencer marketing

Dallas is a hub of Texas, and furthermore a great canvas for influencer marketing work given its strong diversity in culture and ethnicity. Whether you start in Deep Ellum and move north to Knox/Henderson, or start out West near Grapevine and move inwards to Uptown, we love creating campaigns that have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally, nationally, and globally.

Through a series of discovery activities, performed in-person or remotely using technology to communicate, TOP can help you understand the intent of your campaign and source influencers that help you meet that intention, as well as ROI goals.

Let us know any questions you may have, especially if the above didn’t clear anything up. We want to help you create the most successful campaign possible.

Why Hire a Dallas Influencer Marketing Agency?

A Dallas-based influencer marketing agency that also has expertise in brand strategy can help you build buzz across all channels and support grassroots efforts across lifestyle, travel, family, beauty, food, and other verticals. The moment we take you on as a client, we create a matrix of brand messaging points that latter back to your unique value propositions, then map those brand messages to specific aspects of our influencer strategy. We understand the marketing-to-sales funnel from the top down, so you’ve come to the right place if that holistic understanding is important.

How Do Influencer Marketing Blueprints Scale Creativity?

We’ve created a system of influencer blueprints that allow us to scale our creative process in effective and efficient ways. Each blueprint engages influencers and their audiences by representing a creative approach influencers can leverage, that of which we can replicate and optimize for desired results. If you need to motivate influencers to use your products or services in real-world situations, the “challenge” blueprint would bode well. If you want to creative an interactive quest that reinforces brand messaging and sends your influencer on an adventure, the “scavenger” blueprint is a great option. If you need to attach a use case or a personal voice to your brand, you’ll love your “local view” blueprint. The fundamentals of each blueprint are already solidified and coded in our team’s brain, so it frees up time to focus on the creative and strategic brand messaging within the framework of our influencer blueprints.

What Does a Dallas Influencer Marketing Agency Think About the Power of Data?

Data drives everything we do at TOP. Our proprietary system allows us to evaluate the value of each influencer based on key metrics, like audience size, fit, and engagement. Next, we create surveys and in-house market research that influencers can leverage to delight their audiences and feature in their posts. Lastly, we track the results of our campaigns to measure not just for social lift, but for increases in exposure on other brand channels like website traffic, SEO domain authority, and even in-store visits.

Let’s jump on the phone or stop in for a visit. We’re ready to scale some Dallas influencer marketing campaigns and create amazing work.

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