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From Peachtree Park to the south side, we scale Atlanta influencer marketing

Working and living in the beautiful city of Atlanta — a region that successfully takes the lead from the rest of the nation in all things finance and culture — means that ideas spread at record speed. We have the ability to accelerate word-of-mouth buzz, social sharing, and viral velocity for your product, service, or brand through leveraging the charisma of influencers in order to “show not tell” in an authentic and engaging way.

If you have a product that needs to be visually demonstrated, it’s important to know that 37% of consumers trust images created and delivered by influencers more than ones created and delivered by brands.

For dramatically increasing your brand awareness with a key demographic group or persona type, it’s essential to note that 34% of consumers have discovered a new brand from an influencer post.

If you need to attract millennials for future business growth while keeping your core customers base, 30% of millennials aged 30 and under actively follow influencers on social media.

Here at TOP, our connected team of influencer marketing managers, market research, and creative directors are hard at work to guarantee the success of your upcoming influencer marketing campaign — in Atlanta, the south, and around the world. If you need local influencer marketing services for one-off projects or an entire influencer strategy at a national and global scale, our influencer team knows exactly how to discover, vet, collaborate, and track influencers at scale. We have the proactivity and ambition of an Atlanta startup with the tactical resources of a global agency that has successfully overseen thousands of influencers campaigns in over 30 countries.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Here at TOP, we know that just like social media, your influencer program needs to have both organic and paid strategies. The relationships we have with influencers are on-going and built on both trust and mutual benefit. We steadily track our Atlanta influencers — from Old Fourth Ward to Castleberry Hill to Reynoldstown — with a proprietary CRM, ensuring we cultivate and tend to the relationship with monthly check-ins, public post comments, and “surprise and delight” benefits.

Our wide-ranging network of influencers in Atlanta, Buckhead, Inman Park, Summerhill, and West End, but our net also extends worldwide. This allows us to be able to focus on pinpointing the perfect influencer and audience match for you and your brand. We deliver ROI by segmenting influencer focus by need state, targeting message format and content, as well as optimizing links and traffic for SEO purposes.

We built our own Atlanta influencer network

We have over 3,500 influencers in Atlanta and beyond in our own proprietary network who each span across every vertical — from lifestyle and motherhood to business and personal finance and consumer electronics. We're also able to vet hundreds of influencers more for your next campaign.

We search for the Atlanta phoenix

Just like our city rose from the ashes, we find the undervalued influencers rising from the crowd who, despite their reach and audience engagement, are underutilized. By grouping together these influencers, we're able to field an invaluable team of influencers without the expensive top 10 influencer price tag.

We cultivate our influencer relationships in Atlanta and beyond.

Influencer marketing should be treated as cultivating relationships rather than as a form of transactional advertising. By developing relationships with influencers across Atlanta, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth, Bibb, Rabun, Coweta, and Paulding counties in order to transform them into authentic and genuine brand advocates.

We utilize quantitative scoring

By tracking and evaluating Atlanta influencers on multiple key metrics including topic authority, visual appeal, audience engagement, audience reach, and audience size. Through this, we're able to measure results of campaigns more precisely in Atlanta, across the U.S., and around the world for clear ROI.

Our influencer engine was built in Atlanta

We love Atlanta influencer marketing

The center of all things finance, cultural diversity, and entertainment, Atlanta is essentially a smorsgasbord of creative and valuable influencers all within our market. Whether you begin in Sweet Auburn and head over to Cabbagetown — or start in Grant Park and drive over to South Atlanta — we enjoy creating campaigns that beat with the pulse of local, regional, and national cultural conversation.

At TOP, we’re able to take you through a series of discovery activities — performed in-person in Atlanta or remotely in different locations around the world — that help you to better discern which influencers are the right match for you right now and how you can generate campaigns that deliver high multiples of ROI.

We can build a multi-phase timeline to test your influencer program in Atlanta, Peachtree Heights East, Poncey-Highland, and Kirkwood, and help you determine if you should scale nationally or globally sooner rather than later.

We have a detailed vetting process including both mass media and social media listening to help ensure your influencers aren’t affiliated with any organizations that could potentially damage your brand.

Do you need a way to justify influencer marketing spend to others within your organization who don’t completely understand the channel? We’re able to build you benchmarks and tracking metrics that demonstrate and prove ROI.

Got something on your mind that we didn’t address above?  Let us know your toughest influencer marketing questions.

Why Hire an Atlanta Influencer Marketing Agency?

As an Atlanta brand influencer marketing agency, we can help you build buzz, social engagement, and grassroots support across fields like consumer electronics, travel, family, lifestyle, food, beauty, and more. The moment we take you on as a client is the moment we begin our brand messaging work. By creating a matrix with each element of your unique selling proposition, we’re able to map key brand messages to specific aspects of our influencer strategy. TOP is an influencer marketing agency that actually understands the entire marketing-to-sales funnel.

Using Influencer Marketing Blueprints to Scale Creativity

In order to make our creative process more efficient, effective, and scalable, we’ve created influencer blueprints — each one representing a creative approach and a series of steps that we’ve replicated and optimized to achieve the desired results. Our “challenge” blueprint motivates influencers to use your products and services in the real world. Our “scavenger” blueprint creates an interactive quest that reinforces the core messages of your brand. If you need to give your service a personal voice or use case, our “local view” blueprint is perfect for you. Since the fundamentals for each blueprint are already arranged — our in-house team knows the essential formula for execution — it allows freedom to focus on creative and tactical brand messaging with the influencer blueprint framework.

An Atlanta Influencer Marketing Agency That Believes in the Power of Data

At TOP, we utilize data in multiple ways throughout the influencer marketing channel. We begin by using our propriety system in order to evaluate the value of each influencer based on key metrics like audience engagement, fit, and size. Next, using our in-house survey and market research capabilities, we create content for many influencer programs, providing influencers with interest data results they can feature in their posts. Last, in order to discern the impact of brand awareness lift, SEO domain authority, website traffic, in-store walk-through rate, in-store purchase, and more, we track the results of each campaign beyond reach and impressions.

Give us a call or come visit our office. We’re ready to launch or relaunch your next impactful Atlanta influencer marketing campaign.

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