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Whether you’re a SaaS or AI platform for the healthcare industry, or have just launched that personal healthcare app, or possibly disrupting healthcare eco-system with an innovative crowd platform, your marketing initiatives need to catch up to modern, data-driven tactics. Welcome to marketing in the AI age.



Challenges exist in both B2B and B2C markets and some of the common issues faced by the CMOs of healthcare tech companies include:

  • Difficulty in launching a meaningful content marketing program
  • Challenges in executing a multi-channel, cohesive digital and PR, influencer
  • Lack of data and insights on the niche influencers and KOL
  • Justifying ROI for marketing spend


We identify your niche, position your brand with the right audience, and combine data intelligence with the right mix of creativity.


Our B2B and consumer acquisition solutions for healthcare technology brands are deep-rooted in our decade long experience in this market and data-driven content marketing strategy. We’ve successfully positioned SaaS products, have streamlined media planning and execution for leading AI platforms for the healthcare professional and built healthcare mobile app brands from the ground up, just to name a few. Our technology content resonates with both B2B and B2C influencers, supported by always-on digital visibility, who help reach out to and engage the right audience segments at a faster pace.