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Your brand’s visual identity is often the very first thing your customers will learn about you. And often, it is the only chance you will get to make an impression that causes them to click, browse, and buy. Great graphic design is more than just an interesting logo, it’s the combination of strategy, messaging, and market research and understanding. At TOP, we create graphic design strategies and collateral that evokes your company mission, vision, values, and the emotions you wish to instill in your customers. We help brands stand outwith bold designs grounded in your brand identity and a pixel perfect attention to detail.

Some of our Graphic Design services include:

  • Infographic and Data Visualization
  • Brand Identity and Strategy
  • Web and Traditional Ad Design
  • Website Assets

Graphic design can be as diverse as your business with many different formats, mediums, and styles to choose from. At TOP, we’re experts in not only branding and design strategies and best practices, but in graphic design production for mediums in the digital and analogue spheres. We pride ourselves in creating intriguing and engaging data visualizations. From infographics, charts and graphs to diagrams, heatmaps and animated timelines, we help you spotlight crucial information that users can digest quickly and easily.

We also create custom designed social content, website assets, sales collateral, packaging and swag designs, with an authentic, organic, on-brand look that is grounded in sound market and design insights, best practices, and comprehensive strategy.

We're design aficionados with a data-focused backbone 

We love our Graphic Design clients

Good graphic design is one of the most important investments your brand can make. With the sheer number of different visuals your customers are confronted with every day, its no wonder they are more likely to ignore designs that don’t speak directly to them on a level of sophistication they demand. At TOP, we’re more than just creatively driven, we’re data-driven. We know that for our designs to reach our audience where we want them to, we have to first know as much about our audience as we can, and build a strategy that maximizes our insights and converts them into real-life visualizations.

This is the TOP difference. Every asset we create for your brand will have a pedigree of data, analysis, and good old-fashioned know-how behind it so can be sure that your brand is reaching customers in the most sophisticated way available. We’re also detail mavens with a jones for pixel perfection and the eye to pull it off. This is how we’ve been able to create powerful visual designs for some of the world’s most interesting brands.

Why Hire a Graphic Design company?

When you hire a graphic design company, especially one that specializes in data-backed insights, you get more than top-flight graphics that look beautiful “on the page.” You get a strategic approach to the visual elements that will represent your brand — the very first thing customers will learn about your company. These are often the things they will most remember, making it even more critical that you get it right and you have the data to back up those assumptions. This is where TOP stands out.

How can Graphic Design help my business?

Good graphic design is the entryway to sales and conversions. It’s the first impression or the best foot forward. Whatever the metaphor you choose, good graphic design will draw your customer in, bring out an emotional response, connect that response to a need that they have, and leave them with a memorable experience that galvanizes action toward purchase. Good graphic design does that in seconds and can be the most important few moments in your brand’s sales funnel.

A Graphic Design Agency with a Global Presence

Graphic design styles can be as subjective as the audiences who experience them. Trends come in and out of fashion, new techniques are developed and old ones are rediscovered all the time. When you hire a graphic design agency that has a global presence, the entire world of design is at your disposal. Our designers pull inspiration from every corner of the earth and can create unique and memorable design assets that other agencies simply can’t compete with. But that’s not to say we’ve lost that local touch. We’re still a local agency at heart, just with a global canvas to work on.

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