Voter Research

Find out the why behind election day behavior

Voter research is a complex blend of psychometrics and behavior analysis, but when done right, it can tell you exactly who to talk to and how to get out that vote.

Our Subject Expertise

We're a data agency striving to build big coalitions in unexpected ways — one voter profile at a time

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Utilize psychometrics to form the bedrock of your profiles

Creating voter profiles based on personality traits, aptitudes,  and abilities of your target audience will help you recognize the right moments and the right messages when they present themselves. 

Use micro-moments to have outsized influence

Micro-moments — like the decision to retweet something — help guide a voter's journey to a decision. Recognize those micro-moments and inject your message.

Create emotional messages that resonate

All people are predisposed to certain messages based on their experiences, upbringing, and a host of other psychometric factors. Create a message that appeals on an emotional level and deliver it at the perfect micro-moment. 

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