Issue Advocacy

Activate your allies to grow your mission

We'll help you develop a coordinated and comprehensive outreach plan to every member of the team — from the board chair to the walk-in volunteer — helping move things forward.

Our Subject Expertise

We have experience reaching and activating allies at every level to give to the mission, spread the message, and grow the initiative.

TV Media Online Media Lobbying Community Awareness Local Canvassing

Create a clear call to action 

Allies want to help but they don't always know how. They rely on you to direct them toward the kind of action you need them to perform.

Define the advocacy funnel

The advocacy funnel can be a great way to move folks from online to offline action or from advocacy to donors.

Create sponsored campaigns

Individual campaigns can have a big impact on advocacy marketing by getting donors to sponsor a specific campaign from the outset, thereby creating third-party buy-in.

Test both online and offline tactics

Use a mix of online and offline tactics that drive your strategy and increase your advocacy engagement by using real advocacy metrics and testing for outcomes.

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