Ballot Measure Support

Create messages that educate and resonate at the ballot box

Unlike a candidate, ballot measures live and die with how well voters understand your message. We can make it simple and impactful.

Our Subject Expertise

We build coalitions around referendums that ensure every voter knows exactly how the ballot measures will impact their lives for the better. 

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Develop a message that activates.

As you're educating your voters make sure your message galvanizes them to get out and vote for your referendum.

Create digestible content.

With so many messages vying for voters' attention, the simple message delivered in a relevant and digestible way will break through. 

Leverage the power of video.

Everyone's familiar with the 30-second ad, but to create truly powerful, bite-sized content, consider shorter, punchier, video assets that offer a concise and compelling reason to vote for your measure.

Never talk down to others.

Make simple content that is easily understood, but not so simple that it feels condescending. Voters recognize a sound argument and can smell inauthenticity.

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