What is wine PR?

Wine PR, or winery PR, is a specialize form of public relations designed to promote the interests of wineries, distributors, retailers, and others in the wine business.

How wine PR works

  1. Specialized field

    Wine PR is a specialized field of PR that requires knowledge of wine and the wine business. A credible PR campaign for a winemaker is executed by an employee or a firm that knows wine and can communicated credibly with new outlets that cover the industry.

  2. Relationships with news outlets

    Successful wine PR depends on having established and credible relationships with the infuencers who cover the industry. Successful campaigns will earn media from industry leading publications.

  3. Events and tastings

    Much of wine PR revolves around events and tastings, from retailer locations to special events. Wine is all about taste, and wine PR strategies focus on getting consumers to try and buy.

Wine PR best practices

  1. Know your stuff

    Top wine writers and editors are going to know if a PR rep doesn't know their stuff, so any campaign should be led by a knowledgable source in addition to someone who understand how the PR game works. Someone who doesn't know the difference between a Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio probably shouldn't be involved.

  2. Be clever

    With so many different wines on the market, wine PR reps need to sell why the product they support represents something new or unique compared to the competition. Reporters and editors want newsworthy stories if they're going to cover a product.

  3. Stories matter

    As with other types of specialized PR, stories really matter. Shaping a narrative that stands out from the others and highlighting compelling human elements are key. While taste matters, wine consumers can also be swayed by emotion.