What is Visibility?

(aka Brand or Marketing Visibility) A term that describes and measures how a product or service is seen by the potential consumer.

How Visibility Works

  1. From Product to Brand

    High Visibility allows a product or service to enter the minds of the consumers, taking the product or service to brand level.

  2. Visibility Goals

    Everyone wants to be seen and heard. This is the ultimate goal of visibility - to cut through the noise and have your product, brand or service be seen, heard and consumed.

  3. Methods

    There are a number of methods to achieve visibility, including repeated advertising, word of mouth, press, public relations, sponsorship and events (to name a few).

Why Visibility Matters

  1. It's Simple

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say. Through the methods mentioned above, visibility counts on public relations to allow customers to incorporate a product or service into their lifestyles.

  2. Marketing

    The better the marketing, the better the visibility which translates to high equity in a product, brand or service.

  3. Placement and Visibility

    Product placement is popular because there is no better visibility than having potential customers see your product in action. It's like drinking a soda because you saw your favorite celebrity drinking that soda.