What is video marketing?

Video marketing is primarily using video for marketing a company’s products or services, or incorporating video into a broader marketing strategy. Customer testimonials, how-to-videos, or event videos can all be part of a video marketing strategy.

How video marketing works

  1. The content

    Organizations produce a new video or use an existing video to create a marketing campaign for a product, service, or for branding awareness purposes. Videos are created or selected to best convey the message the organization wants to get to the target audience.

  2. The embed

    Online video campaigns include either a video embedded on a service such as Youtube or Vimeo or uploaded to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Campaigns strive to make the videos as accessible as possible and will often embed video on multiple channels.

  3. Short, to the point

    Videos that are brief have shown to be viewed more and to be more effective in conveying the message the company want to send. Attention spans online are short, and video is exception.

Why video marketing matters

  1. SEO

    Search engines love video. Online posts that include video are much more likely to show up higher in searches than posts that include just text or images. Video SEO is becoming a key influencer for online search returns.

  2. It moves people

    The data shows that video connects emotionally with people more than other type of content, and that it can boost conversions and sales. Potential customers who watch videos of why others have chosen a specific product are much more likely to purchase it themselves.

  3. It's getting cheaper

    While video production can be expensive, lots of people are walking around with smartphones that can produce high quality videos. Companies that incorporate grass-roots video strategies into their marketing are winning.