What is User Interface?

User Interface (UI) is the method and customer facing means by which the user and a technical or online product or service interact.

How User Interface Works

  1. Customer Facing

    Everything that the user uses to interact with a product or service is known as the User Interface (UI).

  2. Hardware and Software

    From the screen, keyboard and mouse (hardware) to the program (software), the UI (user interface) plays a key role that makes up the overall User Experience (UX).

  3. Evolution

    Back in the day, UI was very limited. As technology develops, there is more and more need for UI study and roles.

Why User Interface Matters

  1. Crucial to UX

    UI is often talked about along with UX. UI is a subset of the overall UX.

  2. Conversion

    A good User Interface can provide a positive experience to the end user, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

  3. Designers

    Today, user interface designers is a popular role in UX design and plays a key role in online marketing initiatives.