What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) is a term used to define the positive or negative experience one has with an online product or service like a mobile application or website.

How User Experience Works

  1. Define the Experience

    UX is there to determine the attitudes and perception of an online or technical product or service.

  2. Know the User

    UX allows the marketer to get to know the end user - such as likes, dislikes and behaviors around usability.

  3. Constantly Evolving

    The term User Experience (UX) is constantly evolving as technology provides newer ways to interact with an online product or service.

Why User Experience Matters

  1. Design

    Often the term User Experience is followed by the word, Design. User Experience knowledge allows designers to create a better and conversion friendly product.

  2. What's Important

    At the end of the day, User Experience promotes the idea that the user's feelings about a product are the most important element.

  3. Conversion

    It is no surprise that a positive User Experience can be measured in high conversion rates - whether that's in the form of sales, participation and/or retention.