What is unique visitors?

Unique visitors is the number of individuals that visit a Website or Webpage within a specific timeline, usually a one-month period. Unique visitors is a primary measure of online traffic.

How unique visitors work

  1. IP addresses

    Individual IP addresses are used to measure unique visitors to a Website or Webpage. IP address is a unique set of numbers that differentiates each computer or device that accesses the Internet. Unique visitors counts each IP address just once in a given period of time, usually one month.

  2. More useful metric than hits

    Unique visitors is considered a more useful metric than previous measures that were used to determine traffic, particularly page hits. Think of it as 50,000 fans going through the turnstiles at a football match once each rather than the same fan going through the turnstiles 50,000 times.

  3. Overall readership

    For publishers, unique visitors is important because it determines number of readers, an important metric for potential advertisers and content sponsors.

Why unique visitors matter

  1. A broad audience

    Unique visitors measures the actual number of visitors to a Website, a metric that can help determine the effectiveness of everything from product design to content strategy. While repeat visitors are important to building brand loyalty, it's also important to boost the number of unique visitors.

  2. Advertisers care

    Unique visitors is a primary metric used by advertisers and ad networks to determine where to buy advertising. Sites that may have millions of hits but a low number of unique visitors aren't worth the advertising investment.

  3. Measures quality and SEO effectiveness

    If the number of unique visitors to a Website is increasing, it's a sign that the content on the site is increasing in quality as well. If the numbers are dropping, it means the quality of the content is dropping and the site is losing momentum in SEO rankings.