What is telemarketing

Telemarketing is using telecommunications to market and sell products to potential customers. It encompasses using telephone calls, web-based calls or video calls, and other telecommunications tools. Calls can be made by individuals or can be automated.

How telemarketing works

  1. Call centers vs home

    Telemarketers work either in a call center or from home, depending on a company's preference. Company's often employ stay-at-home moms or other individuals who are confined to their homes.

  2. Prospect lists

    Companies use prospect lists developed internally through promotions or other company-sponsored events, or lists purchased from other companies or marketing services. Automated calls can be used to screen potential customers allowing telemarketers to jump on a call if the recipient expresses interest.

  3. Scripts

    Telemarketers work off of scripts that companies develop based on extensive market research. Scripts use hot-button language designed to appeal to the target audience and prompt a response from potential customers.

Why telemarketing matters

  1. It's cheap

    All a company needs is a few bodies, some telephones, and call lists to get word out about its products to potential customers. That can be a bargain compared to television or web-based advertising.

  2. We're in the telephone age

    Just about everyone carries a device with them during their waking hours that makes them accessible via a phone call. That device may also be the primary tool a consumer uses to access the information they need to live their life. Telemarketing is the most direct way to reach consumers.

  3. New product testing

    Telemarketing is an effective way to test new product offerings with consumer and gain an understanding of what consumer might or might not like, allowing companies to shape broader marketing strategies and make better investments in marketing and sales tactics.