What is technology PR?

Startup and established technology companies employ public relations to communicate their stories and position their brands in the marketplace.

How technology PR works

  1. Startups

    Startup technology companies have stories to tell, and they use PR to communicate their stories to key audiences, including the public. These stories will often focus on a particular innovation or product that is new to the market and has a particular benefit to consumers.

  2. Experts

    Technology PR is used to position organizational executives or experts as thought leaders on technology issues and trends. PR staff will often circulate a list of employees to media outlets with information about the employees' area of expertise.

  3. The space is noisy

    The media covers tech, in particular the business media. There are thousands of influential media outlets, bloggers, and specialty sites that cover tech stories. There are also new tech startups being launched every day, some without a lot of resources, that rely on PR as their initial branding strategy.

Technology PR best practices

  1. Be unique

    Technology PR focuses on helping companies tell their stories, and the more unique their stories are the more likely it is that editors and reporters will write about them. Identifying what's different or new about their product or solution is key to attracting coverage.

  2. Personality and knowledge sells

    PR strategies often leverage a company's dynamic leadership and expertise to draw attention to its products or services. Credibility matters to the news media and the more credibility companies bring to the table -- and the ability to express that credibility -- the more coverage it will receive.

  3. Explainers

    Good technology PR strategies can explain complex technology concepts to the average consumer. Smart companies will break down the advantages of their offerings and be able to explain to the news media how their products work and how they benefit consumers.