What is startup PR?

Startup PR encompasses the communications and media engagement activities of new companies as they seek to draw attention to their brands and products.

How startup PR works

  1. Limited resources

    Startup companies often don't have the resources to launch advertising or other types of paid media so they rely on PR campaigns or activities to let the world know about their existence. An employee of the startup or a small PR agency does the PR work.

  2. Good storytelling

    A company needs a good story to tell to capture the attention of media outlets. The more unique their story is, whether the story is about personnel or products, the more likely they will receive news coverage.

  3. Research matters

    PR campaigns can't target all of the business media outlets that are out there, so finding the right news outlet or news sites can save time and effort. Knowing their audiences is important, and discovering which editors and writers might be interested in covering a company's story is key.

Why startup PR matters

  1. Earned media is influential

    Consumer data shows that earned media is much more credible in the eyes of the public than advertising. Getting positive placements in influential media outlets can be more powerful than even expensive advertising campaigns.

  2. Investors pay attention

    Investors read the news, along with getting other information that helps them make informed decisions. Positive news coverage can get the attention of investors and can be used by companies to show that their business model is credible.

  3. Differentiation

    Startup PR can be used by startups to convey why their product or service is different and better than the competition. Shaping a newsworthy message is key to gaining the attention of editors and reporters and getting them to cover the story.