What is a Snapcode?

To understand what a Snapcode is you first have to understand what a QR code is. QR is short for Quick Response, and refers to those little square barcodes you scan with your phone; hover your camera over the code and you’re taken to a website. QR codes have been around for a while, but Snapchat made them cool by launching their own version — Snapcodes.

A Snapcode is a customizable QR code that users scan with their Snapchat camera. Snapcodes can take users to other users’ profiles, URLs, and app download pages. And that’s big news for businesses.

How Snapcode Works

  1. Create a Snapcode

    The first step in making a Snapcode work for your business is creating one:

    1. Tap the Profile icon in the top-left corner of your Snapchat home screen

    2. Open your settings with the gear icon in the top right

    3. Tap ‘Create Snapcode’

    4. Enter the target URL

    5. Hit create

  2. Customize a Snapcode

    Once you've created a Snapcode, you need to customize it for your brand:

    1. Tap the ghost to add an image. Choose something that communicates brand (e.g. a logo)

    2. The text beneath your Snapcode is coming from your URL's HTML Title Tag; you'll have to change this title tag if you want to change the caption.

    3. Hit 'Edit' at any time if you want to change the URL; for instance, say you want to start directing users to a new marketing page instead of the home page.

  3. Open a Snapcode

    Now you need to understand how users will open your Snapcode, and how to open others':

    1. Identify Snapcodes by the little black dots around the ghost icon

    2. Point your Snapchat camera directly at the Snapcode

    3. Hold your finger over the Snapcode to visit its target link

Why Snapcode Matters

  1. They make Snapchat physical

    Snapcodes have to be opened with the Snapchat app, but that doesn't mean they can only be found on the Snapchat app. A Snapcode can be printed and pasted into the real world, opening up an entirely new marketing frontier. Imagine a new movie's website printed directly onto the billboard — or an addictive iOS app pasted onto rolls of toilet paper. The possibilities are endless, and creative marketers are just beginning to capitalize.

  2. They facilitate donation

    Nobody carries cash anymore. Although casual passer-bys may support a cause, they simply don't have any money in their pocket to give. Snapcodes could change all that, allowing users to simply scan a Snapcode, and donate to a cause using Apple Cash, or another instant transfer system.

  3. They generate feedback

    Snapcode can also be used for feedback polls. Imagine a Snapcode on a new beverage, which allows users to review the drink once they're done. This gives manufacturers instant feedback, while freeing consumers from the laborious process of finding a product on Amazon.