What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing involves direct, mobile advertising to a mass audience using text messages. SMS can be effective because it is inexpensive to implement and allows the sender to customize messages to each recipient.

How SMS Marketing Works

  1. It's mobile marketing

    Since almost everyone has a cell phone, SMS marketing can be a highly effective form of mass marketing. Unlike emails that can languish in a mailbox for days or even weeks; text marketing generates high open rates. This means that with most people checking their phones for new messages or news several times a day; a marketing campaign can reap immediate exposure and feedback. SMS marketing is also an inexpensive form of marketing to initiate. It's fairly easy to set up a free trial to see if there's compatibility with an existing marketing plan. On the downside of SMS marketing, customers with smaller screens may experience difficulty using the applications and giving feedback. Additionally, the variety of cell phone types, screen sizes and operating systems may cause irregularities that are prohibitive to SMS marketing.

  2. It works with highly engaging content

    SMS marketing has some of the best open rates of all social media platforms because it uses highly engaging content to encourage customers to opt in for the message. By opting in, customers can get special discounts and coupons designed for an established subscriber base. Customers can take part in polls or sweepstakes by texting special keywords to respond. Online games or quizzes can garner high response rates, too. In this way, a marketing campaign can motivate customers to interact, not just for the short-term but for long-term engagement with future campaigns.

  3. It'a trackable information

    SMS marketers can design campaigns for a variety of social media platforms. For example, a marketing campaign can use Facebook as a way to get data and information to develop leads and increase subscribers. Once recipients opt in, marketers can discover a great deal of information about their subscribers. By tracking this information, marketers can find out what motivates customers to click on a form, play a game or share content with a friend. Additionally, marketing campaigns hear from recipients in real time.

Why SMS Marketing Matters

  1. It gives better open rates than emails

    Marketers can benefit from instantaneous delivery of individualized messages to hundreds of recipients. Since over 95% of consumers have cell phones; there is a higher response from texts than from emails. Emails can get buried in inboxes, taking days for a response. But at the first ping of a text, most recipients will check immediately. Depending on how engaging the content happens to be, the recipient may decide to subscribe in real time.

  2. It requires an opt-in from customers

    In order to get the benefit attached to any message, the recipient has to actively choose to accept the message and its contents or opt in. Once recipients turn into subscribers, SMS marketing allows campaigns to diversify their strategies. Some campaigns rely on driving traffic using coupons, special discounts or even games. In the long run, opting in creates an opportunity for marketers to increase their relationships with subscribers with immediate benefits and long-term brand-building.

  3. It's inexpensive and easy to set up

    SMS marketing doesn't rely on expensive, time-consuming testing. Mobile marketing can be as simple as setting up a free trial to see if there's compatibility with the overall marketing campaign. There are online tools like Zapier that can automatically select and send out the texts with the right programming. Marketers can also experiment with different social media channels to see which one delivers the highest conversion rates.