What are session intervals?

Session intervals count the amount of time a user spends between visiting a Website or accessing an app. Shorter intervals are a sign of customer loyalty.

How session intervals work

  1. Unique visitors

    Organizations can track unique visitors in their analytics and the average time it takes individual visitors to come back after they've left. Its value is in being able to track the behavior based on unique visitors, and average it out.

  2. Used to tweak strategy

    For some pay sites, such as gaming sites, session intervals can be used to shape marketing strategy. Long intervals might lead a company to create a special offer or some type of incentive to get users to visit more frequently.

  3. Important for apps

    App developers want their products downloaded and used. App users are a particularly captivated audience and offer opportunities for developers to earn revenue through in app purchases.

Why session intervals matter

  1. Behavior matters

    While some metrics are tracked by volume, session intervals provide a key data point on user behavior that can help companies tweak their business strategies. If revenue is closely tied to open sessions, companies will want to explore ways to decrease session interval times.

  2. Consumer loyalty

    Session intervals are a measure of consumer loyalty. Customers that keep coming back are more loyal and better leads. Shrinking session intervals indicates users are the content or the quality of experience they are looking for.

  3. Shapes marketing strategy

    Organizations can use the session intervals metric to differentiate between user groups and tweak marketing strategy. For instance, how are frequent users spending time on a site or app compared to infrequent users. The data can help shape marketing strategy and messaging.