What is SEO marketing?

SEO (search engine optimization) marketing is the practice of optimizing a website to increase its page rankings in search engines such as Google. While search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, SEO is primarily driven by keywords embedded on website pages that are recognized by search engines.

How SEO marketing works

  1. It starts with content

    SEO content is developed with search engines in mind. It takes into account current search trends and keywords that are searched related to a specific topic or product. Content is developed either with a list of keywords in hand or with an eye toward key words on other well-trafficked websites.

  2. Types of content

    Content is developed for company websites or often for third-party sites such as industry blogs with the intention of drawing visitors. Product pages that describe a product and pricing options are one key type of content, as are listicles, slideshows, and other "clickable" content.

  3. Importance of video

    Only Google is used for search more than Youtube and Facebook, which means video is a huge influencer when it comes to SEO marketing. Video is king, and Web surfers are looking for it. An SEO marketing strategy without video is missing a key chunk of the pie.

Why SEO marketing matters

  1. The engines rule search

    Web search engines have a massive influence over the content people see. Understanding how search engine algorithms work and how to optimize web pages with keywords is critical to any online marketing strategy.

  2. Customers want it

    Customers want to find the product or information they're looking for in as little time, and as few clicks, as possible. For potential customers and anyone else looking for information on a Website, SEO will often determine the quality of their user experience.

  3. ROI friendly

    While getting SEO marketing strategy right at the outset of site or social launch requires up-front investment the long-term ROI, with just the cost of ongoing tweaks, can be extremely positive. Once rankings are earned, they tend to stay.