What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process where content keywords in organic or unpaid searches trigger search engines like Google to rank the content high in result listings. .

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

  1. Keywords make the difference

    Linking content to good keywords helps search engines produce accurate results. The keyword drives the process. In other words, it is optimized to allow the search engine to find that content over and above all the other content in cyberspace.An organic search is one where the user does not have to pay to retrieve those results.

  2. Good SEO leads to Page One results

    The right keywords on Google will produce at the very least, the top five highest ranked companies. On Google, the primary search engine that users go to, competition among businesses for those top spots can be fierce. If a company plays its cards right or rather, positions its keywords effectively; the desired spot is on Google's first page. It's because this search engine is credible with a stellar reputation. When businesses appear highly ranked on Google, it shows that the business is a leader in a particular area. Once users click on the top sites displayed, there's a good chance that those clicks will turn into leads and conversions.

  3. Poor keywords lead to paid ad results

    Without good keywords, the first results a user might see are results from paid ads. If advertisers have to pay for ads, the thinking is that the company does not have good products and services or a great reputation that would provide the high ranking of an organic search. Users want to avoid paid results because they can lead to low quality websites producing spam in a user's mailbox.

Why SEO Matters

  1. It impacts your question

    How a user asks a question using a keyword is important because it triggers the search engine to reveal the top results. But even if your keyword is a little off the mark, Google can intuit what you want using synonyms, as well. Still, to get the best results, use good, well thought out keywords.

  2. It finds your audience

    Using a keyword means that you want to connect with a certain group of consumers. Depending on how you ask the question, a search engine can be a way of targeting that market. Put simpler, great minds think alike.

  3. It helps a variety of platforms

    SEO is not just designed for search engines on websites. It can also be considered a filter on a variety of platforms. t works on many different platforms. Lots of e-commerce retailers use keyword searches to get their customers the products and services they want and need. Amazon and eBay make good use of SEO for their customers.