What is Publicity

Through Public Relations, Publicity is the editorial, promotion and/or advertisement of an event, brand or product in the media. The goal of Publicity is awareness (while sales can be a by-product of this).

How Publicity Works

  1. Different From Advertising

    While both Publicity and Advertising can generate awareness, Publicity is not always something that needs to be paid for. Publicity can come in the form of customer feedback or a story in the news media.

  2. News is Good

    Ever hear the saying that even bad news is good news? This is referring to Publicity. As mentioned, the goal of Publicity is to create an awareness, which can sometimes come in controversial methods.

  3. The Publicist's Role

    While a Publicist (the role responsible for creating awareness of a brand) may be able to control the information that's put out in the public, the variables show up in the timing, placement and interpretation of the media.

Why Publicity Matters

  1. Awareness

    Awareness preempts sales and creates leads to sales. Any good marketing plan takes Publicity into account and will shift dollars and focus on creating the right kind of awareness.

  2. Supporting a Campaign

    While Publicity is different from Advertising, the right kind of Publicity can play a major supporting role in the advertisement and promotion of an event, brand or product.

  3. Building Trust

    Without publicity (positive news), trust in a brand cannot be gained. The more media a Publicist can cover, the wider the awareness which increases the chance of brand loyalty, positive perception and customer trust.