What is product marketing?

Product marketing is the process a company uses to market and sell specific products to consumers. In addition to their overall sales and marketing operations, companies will often employ product specialists to market products to the target audience.

How product marketing works

  1. Product marketers

    Product marketers are charged with identifying how and where a specific product should be sold. They are most often integrated with the larger marketing team and interact with product managers to identify the best way to deliver product to market.

  2. Specialized approach

    Product marketers understand the ins and outs of their product and use their knowledge to contribute to product marketing strategies. They contribute to pricing and promotion strategies, and serve as product experts to the target market.

  3. The competition

    Product marketers stay in tune with the competition and how competitors are getting their products to market. Understanding of competitors feeds marketing and promotion strategies and helps determine access points for products.

Why product marketing matters

  1. It creates experts

    Having product experts on the marketing team minimizes assumptions about the target audience for a specific product and feeds the marketing strategy with real data and knowledge about consumer preferences and behaviors.

  2. Relationships with distributors

    Product marketers strengthen relationships with distributors and, because they're on the ground, can build a level of trust with distributors that can minimize problems and expand opportunities.

  3. Relationships with engineers

    Product marketing helps companies blow through the silo mentality by bringing market knowledge to all aspects of product development and management. Product marketers interact with engineers and can help shape product design and features based on the marketers' knowledge of the target audience.