What is Print Media?

Media written, created and printed in the form of news or advertisements, distributed via newspaper, flyers or magazine.

How Print Media Works

  1. At its Simplest

    At the very basic definition of Print Media, it is media actually printed on paper whether that be newspaper, magazines, pamphlets, direct mail or flyers for example, (even that lost dog sign posted on the light post down the street).

  2. Tried and True

    Print Media dates back to hieroglyphics - yeah, that's old, and is one of the most effective ways to advertise or share news topics.

  3. Print to Paper

    Using physically printed media, news and advertisements are printed on paper and distributed to the public. Even in the current tech boom, a big portion of the population still rely on printed media for news, ads and other topical information.

Print Media Best Practices

  1. The Headline

    You're headline for your advertisement or news story is the hook in the fish's mouth. Catching eyeballs and interest with your headline is key.

  2. The Right Paper

    Placement in the right publication is detrimental to the success of a print ad or story. Make sure you are targeting the right audience.

  3. The Placement

    Research shows that the placement, not only the right publication but the placement on the page, can be equally as important as the headline. Focus on the creative aspect of your print media, and avoid generic. Think about "what makes my ad stand out from the rest?".