What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor Advertising involves marketing campaigns designed to capture customers’ attention for products, goods, services and special events in exterior geographic locations. .

How Outdoor Advertising Works

  1. It's an attention-getter

    Outdoor Advertising is one of the most popular advertising formats because it screams for our attention. Depending on where the ad is placed, the customer may be a captive audience. In fact, outdoor advertising can be most effective in places where people wait, like a bus stop, train station or airport. Advertisers know that while we wait, we open ourselves up to experiencing an ad, especially if the message is catchy, funny or colorful. For the five or ten minutes or more that people wait for transit, the advertiser has the perfect opportunity to win the customer over with a memorable ad that may end up cultivating a prospective sale.

  2. It provides a different perspective

    Seeing ads in outdoor locations provides a different perspective of a marketing campaign. Since most people spend the majority of their time outside their homes; advertisers see this as an opportunity to impact consumers with fresh marketing ideas. Different kinds of billboards, park bench and coffee shop ads and promotions prior to a movie are all forms of outdoor advertising. A car emblazoned with a logo and painted in eye-catching colors is another form of outdoor advertising. Kiosks, parking garages and even bathrooms function as unique story-telling platforms for unsuspecting consumers. These locations are ideal for advertisers trying to break through the clutter of the standard media including radio, television and print to catch consumers in places where they spend so much time-outdoors.

  3. It's capitalizing on digital ads

    Social media has found a way to integrate digital strategies into outdoor advertising. In 2015, Nielsen authored a study that indicated that three out of four people recalled seeing a digital ad during one month. This is important because the name of the game in advertising is recall. Advertisers want consumers to see and ad, remember it and connect it to a brand. Digital billboards also allow advertisers to extend their reach into bigger markets by developing strategies to enhance outdoor advertising campaigns. One method uses Bluetooth technology to alert customers to new ads and offers .Some outdoor billboards contain interactive components allowing passersby to engage with games or to use QR codes as a way to connect with product websites.

Why Outdoor Advertising Matters

  1. We spend a third of our lives outside our homes

    On average, Americans live their lives in thirds. They spend about a third of their time outside their homes working, another third devoted to leisure and the final third of the day is reserved for sleep. Advertisers realize that they have a very tight window of time in which to make an impression. That's where outdoor advertising can have an impact.

  2. It is accessible

    Advertisers use all the tools in their toolboxes to get consumers' attention when they are outside their homes. Outdoor advertising can be effective because it is not as invasive as other forms of advertising. It is also measurable.

  3. It is cost-efficient

    Outdoor advertising cost less to implement than other advertising formats. It also has a variety of uses including effectively promoting special events. Ultimately, a client's brand ends up being memorable to the public.