What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing is a way for companies to start a conversation with consumers by launching a marketing campaign using a variety of methods including television or radio, direct mail, newspaper ads, blogs, websites and other forms of communication.

Why Outbound Marketing Matters

  1. It's new and improved

    In David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross, outbound marketing is portrayed almost like a despotic villain. Pressured salesmen stuck with old leads make cold calls with increasing desperation. It's no wonder that outbound marketing suffers from a bad reputation. Today, outbound marketing allows the marketer to not only control the message that's going out to a targeted audience; but the marketer can choose how often the message is sent, its relevancy and who is the best person to receive it. This is a much more productive, marketer-driven process than how it worked in the past.

  2. It uses efficient focused targeting

    Smart marketers want to know as much as they can about their target buyer before any outbound marketing campaign gets underway. With good research, marketers can compile profiles that hyper-target their recipients based on previous sales research or other kinds of data. By closely segmenting who receives information, marketers have a better chance of getting positive results from their campaigns.

  3. It's a direct form of market research

    Since the marketer initiates the contact with the targeted recipient, it assures the marketer that the email, direct mail piece, television ad, cold call or emails were received. (Whether or not the recipient decides to engage with the marketer is up to the recipient.) On the downside, cold calls and emails are seen as invasive, intrusive and frustrating for recipients. Plus, telephone screening technology and junk mail filters are making it harder for the outbound marketing to get through to their targets.

Why does Outbound Marketing Matter?

  1. It's a lead generator

    Outbound marketing helps marketers generate leads and set marketing goals. It's also a way of microtargeting recipients based on metrics and previous sales and other interactions.

  2. It's useful in B2B campaigns

    There are certain outbound marketing strategies that can be a win B2B settings. Emails are an effective way to make positive contacts with businesses. Automated email companies like MailChimp have reported great success using emails. Emails also produce great ROI for marketers.

  3. It uses metrics to tell a story

    In outbound marketing, marketers depend on the metrics to calculate their costs per lead are for any campaign. Marketers also want to know about the rates for converting leads into sales.