What is Music Marketing?

A comprehensive strategy to market, advertise and promote an artist’s brand and music.

How Music Marketing Works

  1. The Basics

    Music Marketing works by defining a strategy to create awareness around an artist's brand and music.

  2. Finding An Audience

    The difference in music marketing compared to regular marketing is that the artist comes out with a finished product that isn't often changed to fit an audience. The finished product must attract and sell to an audience often in its produced and final form.

  3. Evolution

    Gone are the days where you need a talent agency and a music production company to get famous. With today's technology and social media, it's becoming cheaper and more accessible to promote one's self. The catch is that more people are doing it so there's more competition.

Music Marketing Best Practices

  1. Original Sound

    It's all about the product. If what you are trying to sell is cookie cutter, it's going to get lost in the shuffle fast. Music listeners are looking not only for an original sound, but a figure they can look up to and get behind.

  2. Music Headline - The Single

    Just like a good ad needs a headline, so does the music. Releasing a hit to hook people in is often how artists get discovered.

  3. The Money

    Ever hear of a starving artist? That's because they are. Most artists do not have the money to promote themselves in conventional music marketing ways. With the current social media tech boom, an artist has the opportunity to float out a single and build an audience for basically nothing.