What is a Mobile Network?

A Mobile Network (aka Cellular Network) is a wireless communication network over areas of land called cells.

How Mobile Networks Work

  1. Cell Coverage

    In a mobile network, cells (aka sections of land), come together to allow wider areas of cellular/mobile coverage.

  2. Data and Voice

    Mobile networks support and provide voice and data transmissions over wireless (using radio transmissions).

  3. The Towers

    Towers are used to transmit communication (voice and data) via radio signals over cells that are part of a greater mobile network.

Why Mobile Networks Matter

  1. Communication Breakdown

    Without Mobile Networks, our wireless communications would not work as they do today. Mobile Networks allow communication of voice and data across the world 24/7.

  2. Types of Mobile Networks

    The three most popular types, from older to newer, of Mobile/Cellular Networks are GSM, CDMA and LTE (aka 4G).

  3. Factors

    As we all know, there are a number of Mobile Network companies (for example, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile), all providing different types of mobile networks and competing for your business. There are many factors such as location and type of equipment that play into quality of the mobile network experience.